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Insapp is an inspirational app for users to share inspirational messages and quotes within the app community. With the App registered users can share inspirational messages, nod (approve) other messages, downplay (based on originality) other messages or report messages which violets the rule of the app. Users, can also invite other users to the app either via email, social media, text message, etc. Users can either remain ordinary user, or subscribe to the Insap club, where they will be required to pay a monthly fee. In return, they stand a chance of getting paid for an amount, if their quote/message is selected as message of the month.The Quotes/ Messages, will be counted, and so is the activities of that message. Messages with Highest nod and fewer downplay will be displayed as message/quote of the day for the next day. Also, Messages with highest nod for a week will be displayed message of the week for the next week. Similarly, messages with highest nod will and so is for the month. In terms of display, there will be the static and thread display. Static display will show quote of the day, on daily bases, except on first day of the week and first day of the month, where it will be replaced by quote of the week and quote of the month, respectively. The thread display on daily bases, will display thread of quotes according to the time they are posted.
Quotes to be posted, must be inspirational messages and can be a text message of not more than 60 words, or a graphic image.